Words and expressions to talk about the weather in French (La météo)

French vocabulary the weather la meteo.j

1. How to ask about the weather in French?


Talking about weather is one of the most common topic when you don't know about what to discuss. It's good to know how to bring up the subject.

Weather in French can be translated as la météo or  le temps which also means time in French.

To ask about the weather you can ask the following questions :


  • Il fait quel temps? => What is the weather like?

  • Il fait quelle température? => What is the temperature?


  • Quel temps fait-il?

  • Quelle température fait-il?

2. How to say the weather in French?

To reply you can use the vocabulary in the infographic with the following combination.

Il fait + adverb


Il fait beau => the weather is nice

Il fait mauvais => the weather is bad

il fait chaud => it is hot

il fait froid => it is cold

Il fait frais => It is cool

Il + conjugated verb


Il pleut => it is raining

il neige => It is snowing

il vente => it is windy


Il y a + du / de la/ de l' / des



Il y a du vent => it's windy

Ill y a de l'orage => It is stormy

Il y a des nuages => It is cloudy

Il y a de la pluie => It is rainy

Le temps est + adjectif


Le temps est pluvieux => The weather is rainy

Le temps est nuageux => The weather is cloudy

Le temps est orageux => The weather is stormy

Le temps est ensoleillé => The weather is sunny

To speak about the temperature , you'll use Il fait+ Nombre+ degrés.

Example : Il fait 30 degrés. => it's 30 degrees.

🤚 We use degree celcius in France. 

3. Useful words about the weather

To be confortable talking about the weather, you need to know some words of this vocabulary list.; at least the main verbs like faire/pleuvoir, adjectives like hot/cold and the cardinal points like east/west.

  • la météo : weather/weather forecasting

  • le temps : weather

  • le soleil : sun

  • la chaleur : heat

  • le froid : cold

  • la canicule : heat wave

  • les saisons (f) : seasons

  • les nuages (m) : clouds

  • la pluie : rain

  • le vent : wind

  • le brouillard : fog

  • l'orage (m) : thunderstorm

  • la tempête : storm

  • la neige : snow

  • l'ouragan (m) : hurricane

  • le cyclone : cyclone

  • le tonnerre : thunder

  • les éclairs (m) : lightnings

  • l'inondation (f) : flood

  • la grêle : hail

  • la mousson : monsoon

  • pleuvoir : to rain

  • faire : to do

  • avoir : to have

  • sec/sèche : dry

  • humide : humid

  • nord : north

  • Sud : south

  • est : east

  • ouest : west

4. Expressions about weather

Weather is often used in idiomatic expressions. If you encounter expressions like 

"Il fait un froid de canard" or "Il fait un froid de chien", then you should understand that it means it is very cold.

There are numerous expressions related to French weather. I will dedicate a special post on them very soon.

5. Practice your knowledge about French weather

Here are some external exercises that could help you practice. Happy practicing!

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