How to say months, seasons and dates in French

How to say the months of the year in French (mois de l'année)

In a previous lesson, we have seen how to say the days of the week. Today, Let’s learn about the months and seasons in French language as well as how to say the date.


1. What are the 12 months of the year in French?

Before starting,  you might want to know the word used for a  month in French. Le mois is the equivalent word for month.

French months look a lot like in English. Here is the list of the months of the year.

  • janvier = January

  • février = February

  • mars= March

  • avril = April

  • mai = May

  • juin = June

  • juillet = July

  • août = August

  • septembre = September

  • octobre  = October

  • novembre = November

  • décembre = December


Unlike in English, they are not capitalized in French.


2. What are the 4 seasons in French?

The French translation of a season is une saison.

If you want to learn how to say the seasons in French, then remember these 4 key words

  • L’hiver =Winter

  • Le printemps = spring

  • L’été = summer

  • L’automne = autumn.


3. Months, seasons and French preposition EN

In general, the preposition "en" is used with months and seasons.



  • Nous sommes en février => We are in February

  • Je suis née en octobre => I am born in October.

  • Il fait froid en hiver => It is cold  during winter.

  • Je serai en vacances en été. =>  I will be on vacation in summer.


However, an exception applies for the seasons. With spring, instead of "en", you should use the preposition "au".


  • Nous sommes au printemps. => We are in Spring.


4. How to say the date in French?

Date in French is exactly the same word as in English with a different pronunciation. If you’re wonderding if it is feminine or masculine, then keep in mind that we say  une date.



  •  Quelle est la date d’aujourd’hui? => What is today’s date?

To be able to write or read the date in French, you need to master French numbers.

To tell the full date in French, you can use this simple format  : date- month – year.



Nous sommes le 30 janvier 2021.  = we are January 30th, 2021.

You will notice that instead of using ordinal numbers for expressing the date, French people use cardinal numbers, except  for the 1st of the month (le premier). So don’t make the  mistake a lot of learners do.

Seasons in French (les saisons)

6. Practice with exercises


​If you want to test your knowledge and make sure you remember how to say the monts, seasons and dates in French , then take our test here!

 Happy practicing !


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