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Learn how to conjugate common French Verbs !

On this page, you'll find useful free lessons  about basic French verbs that we use  in daily conversations like être, avoir, aller, faire, ... These are must know verbs as they will set up the foundation  you need to build up other sentences structures and help you gain in fluency.


For each lesson, you will have the conjugation of the verb in most of the common tenses a beginner or intermediate learner might need to know and its different uses.


The information is presented in an easy to digest style with a conjugation table that gives  you a clear idea of the key tenses.

These lessons are totally free, and are completed by the section Common expressions related to the verbs learned. Hope this really helps.

For more, you can check out the Vocabulary, or Grammar section.

Happy learning!

The French verb être (to be) is a powerful verb to know by all means. Learn here how to use it in different tenses !

Avoir (to have) is the must-know verb that willl help you say basic sentences and  build compound tenses. Learn it now !

Learn about the French verb aller (to go), its conjugation and different uses in this short lesson.

An essential French verb that you need to  know is faire (to do or to make). Check out the lesson to learn more about faire.

Want to unlock the use and conjugation of the French verb Prendre and its derivatives like Comprendre, apprendre, ...?

The verb pouvoir is a powerful French Verb. It means can or to be able to. Learn how use and conjugate it in French.

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