Looking to learn the most common French words and phrases necessary to develop your vocabulary and to help you become fluent? Then you are at the right place.


Our website is making available in the Free lessons section, vocabulary lessons, ideal for beginners to intermediate learners. Lessons generally come with pictures or infographics as well as a practice quiz to help you exercise what you have learned.

You will find basic French words list like greetings in French, how to talk about your family, your house, and more advanced topics like talking about food. Click on the links below to learn more about each topic.


These lessons will give you the foundation of the French language vocabulary. If you want to take your  learning to the next level, we strongly recommend that you find yourself a native French teacher or take live online classes that will help you gain more confidence.

If you are looking for affordable and cost effective online lessons, our first recommendation will be Lingoda. It's an online school where you can really get immersed without travelling to France. Classes are well organised according to the CEFR guidelines, with native French tutors and start from 54 euros per month. I can assure that you will start getting confident and speaking after few months. You can judge by yourself by taking the free trial which will give you the opportunity to try out 3 group classes or a 1 to 1 lesson. You can access the Free trial here.

Another way to develop your vocabulary is through TV and if you like binge-watching great movies, try for free Lingopie. This language learning tool is awesome for learning new words while having fun. Movies and series come with subtitles in English and French that you can activate. And the great thing is that you can just click on words you don't understand to get them translated on the go. After watching a movie, you can review the new words learned through their flashcards and that's one of their great features they have.


If you don't have any of these, you can still watch some TV shows, movies or songs on Youtube or netflix which are  also great tools.

However, I won't say enough, that it's great to always have someone to interact with when learning a language. So don't neglect learning with a live tutor or finding yourself a language partner. You can find a language partner on Italki, on a subreddit for language learning  or websites like Hello Talk, or Tandem.

Essential French words list classified per topic

What about learning ways to say hello in French beyond the classical Bonjour, and bonsoir? 

In this lesson, You'll be learning the basic  vocabulary of the family in French. 

In this lesson, we are seing the vocabulary of the the main parts of the house.

Talking about weather is one of the most common topic when you don't know how to start a discussion. Let's learn how to bring up the subject.

Learn here the French  days of the weeks and be ready to give the date, set appointments and more...

Learn how to say fruits in French to be able to talk about food, recipes,  and all food related topic.

Learning French Colors will help you in everyday's life,  to  speak about people, describe their eyes color, hair color, and more...

In this lesson. you'll learn the name of the different parts of the body and how to say them in French.

Learn how to say the  months of the year, seasons and dates in French. Bonus : practice with our quiz at the end of the lesson!

Il est quelle heure? What time is it? Learn how to tell time according to the 12 hours clock or 24 hours'. Check out the full lesson !

Looking for how to say a car in French or other means of transport? Which prepositions or verbs are the best suit with them? Find out ... 

Learn how to talk about your profession and how to ask people what they do for a living as well as common  names of professions in French

Learn the clothes words and names in French to be able to talk about your favorite way of dressing, or shop at your regular shopping centre.

How do you say countries' names in French? Which article to use? Find out more by reading this lesson.

Check out this, to learn French food vocabulary: different types of food, meals of the day, verbs for talking about food in French, and more.

Learn the French vocabulary related to animals organized per category: pets, farm animals, insects, reptiles, sea or wild animals ...