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On this page, you'll find useful vocabulary to help you in your learning journey. They  are presented in an easy digest style with infographics that gives  you a clear idea of the meaning of the word without necessarily having to use English.

You also have more written details. Happy learning!

In this lesson, You'll be learning the basic  vocabulary of the family in French. 

In this lesson, we are seing the vocabulary of the the main parts of the house.

Talking about weather is one of the most common topic when you don't know how to start a discussion. Let's learn how to bring up the subject.

Learn here the French  days of the weeks and be ready to give the date, set appointments and more...

Learn how to say fruits in French to be able to talk about food, recipes,  and all food related topic.

Learning French Colors will help you in everyday's life,  to  speak about people, describe their eyes color, hair color, and more...

In this lesson. you'll learn the name of the different parts of the body and how to say them in French.

Learn how to say the  months of the year, seasons and dates in French. Bonus : practice with our quiz at the end of the lesson!

Il est quelle heure? What time is it? Learn how to tell time according to the 12 hours clock or 24 hours'. Check out the full lesson !