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An honest Lingoda review from a teacher and student perspective

When talking about learning online you will generally hear about Duolingo, Busuu, Memrise or platforms like Reddit but less about Lingoda which is in fact an online language school allowing language learners to get access to native speakers around the world.

I discovered Lingoda, few years ago, and decided to apply to be an online teacher with them but they rejected my application. Once a little bit more experienced and certified as a French teacher, I applied again and that one was the best. I was accepted as a Lingoda Teacher.

After giving few classes, something stunned me. I was really impressed by my students fluency level. Even at beginners level they were able to do some basic small talk. I got to understand later what made them different.

So I tried learning Spanish but I didn’t go so far as finding enough time (1hour per lesson)  had not always been easy for me with 3 kids, a website /social media accounts to run, and students to teach.

The review I am sharing today about Lingoda is from both a student and a teacher’s perspective.

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Lingoda? What is it and how does it work?


Lingoda is an online language school based in Germany that helps you learn up to four languages German, English, Spanish and French. You can take private classes or group classes depending on your objectives and budget. The students plan their lessons by choosing the date and time and a teacher will book the class depending on his/her availability.

All Classes are done via Zoom and students get a feedback from the teacher after each class.

For a group class the price currently starts at 50 euros per month for 4 classes of 1 hour each, so less than 13 euros per lesson.  The price range for private classes varies between €8 and €30.



How are Lingoda's lessons structured?


Lessons on Lingoda are structured according to the Common European Framework Reference for languages CEFR (CECR) standards. For each level (A1, A2 to C1), you have several units in which you will have French vocabulary, grammar, communication and speaking lessons. All learning materials are provided by Lingoda and downloadable by the students. After the class, you have the possibility to review and practice what you’ve learned.

Private classes are one to one lessons with the teacher.

Group classes are conducted with small group of students that can be up to 5 and time allocation is managed by the teacher.


Who is Lingoda’s classes for?


Lingoda is a best suit for anyone who wants to learn French in a structured way, and with a lot of opportunities to practise speaking. During the classes, the focus is laid on developing your communications skills. You can learn anytime at your convenient time and from anywhere.



What is Lingoda sprint or super sprint?


Lingoda has an intensive language learning program intended to teach you a language in 2 to 3 months time. It is a real marathon where you get to take a lesson every day (super sprint) or every two days (sprint).

If you have a 100% attendance rate, you can get a cash back depending on which option of sprint you have chosen (50% or 100%). However, places are limited and it’s often full to the point that you have to register on the waiting list if you really want to learn your target language.

My humble and honest review of Lingoda's French lessons from in and out


Here is my honest review on Lingoda’s private classes and  group lessons from a student’s and teachers point of view (in and out)




Great immersion tool

Lingoda is not just like any learning platform. With Lingoda, you have live teachers to share their knowledge with you. The chances are high that you  get a different teacher at most of the lessons but guess what? That is one of Lingoda’s strengths. Through that, you will then be exposed to various accents and once you get to learn French, you will be able to understand any francophone regardless of  his/her country or region of origin.


This is a great way to get immersed. Honestly, I don’t think you can get such exposure by travelling only to France.


If you opt for group classes, you will have various classmates, with different ways of expressing themselves and real opportunities to practice real life conversations. It’s also an opportunity to make new friends or find language buddies.



Lingoda Teachers are generally friendly and professional  and they will always encourage you to speak. Teachers on Lingoda are certified. So you are confident not to be dealing with amateur teachers. As a student, you can  also leave an anonymous review on the teacher after each lesson. That gives such a pressure to the teachers. Not only because of that but also because according to Lingoda's rules, there is a minimum mark a teacher must have to keep teaching in the platform. That keeps the teaching standards high.



Lingoda is a flexible learning platform. You are not obliged to follow the full curriculum proposed. If you already have a background in French, it will be taken account in your learning plan. You can also choose the topics of your interests and learn. If you are already confident with some topics, you can just skip them. And if you feel that you need to retake a lesson, it is also welcome.


Well structured lessons

Lingoda’s classes are aligned with the CEFR standards, which is the language reference in the European community. So, the content you will be learning guarantees that you will cover all the components you need for learning a language, and it is internationally recognized.


Available any time and anywhere

Classes are available 24/7 ,  so you can learn anytime and from the comfort of your home.

Prices are also reasonable, especially if you participate successfully  to the Lingoda sprint challenge.


Tough experience for beginners

For a total beginner, the fact of starting learning on Lingoda can be a big challenge as 90 to 95% of the explanations are given  in French. But at the same time, you will certainly agree with me that there is no point speaking a different language during French classes. It might be tough for beginners when starting with Lingoda, but trust me, it is worth it!  You will quickly get used to it.



The choice of teacher is not yours

On Lingoda, you cannot choose your own teacher, the way you can do on platforms like Italki, or Preply, but there is still a way to avoid a teacher if you didn’t like his teaching method. Just don't book his/her classes and if she books a class you planned, you can still cancel  if you see that it’s that teacher that is going to conduct the lesson.



This is my honest review about Lingoda’s live classes online. If You want a structured and complete learning, then I will strongly recommend taking Lingoda online live French classes and if you like challenges, join the  Lingoda’s sprint or super sprint.  You can get great teacher’s on Lingoda, might meet some boring also, but the system is flexible and professional and it is a lot worth it.

Lingoda offers a 7 days trial for testing the platform and deciding if you want to continue with the classes.  It will give you access to 3 free group classes or one private class depending on the type of classes you would like to test. It is entirely free, so why not try and see by yourself?

Lingoda is currently offering 25% discount on all monthly plans from September 12 to October 3rd 2022. To benefit from it, use our link with the code KICKSTART25.  If you miss this promotion, as a reader of Learn French With Chanty, you can always use our link with the custom code CHANTY 10 to get 10% discount.  

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