My name is Chantal

I am a native French speaker form Burkina Faso, a country member of Francophonie and which official language is French.

I currently live in Singapore with my family since 2015 and i have been teaching French since that period.

i have studied in Morocco and France where i got my master’s degree . After that, I have been working as a marketing manager before arriving in Singapore. In this country i discovered myself a new passion : teaching French to foreigners. I love people, interacting with them and mostly learning about their culture. And teaching gives me some sort of fullfillment.

I am somebody who likes to do the best way what I do, and i like to excel in it. So i decided to take classes and that’s how I got certified by Alliance Francaise de Vichy to teach french to foreigners. Not satisfied with that only, i wanted to share my knowledge, my voice to the world, and that’s why i created this website to share ressources with French learners and French teachers as well. I believe that learning a culture starts with learning a language. So stay connected with me to learn more about French language.

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