15 Great Tips that will help you learn French fast

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Many of you who decided to learn French are certainly wondering how you could speak French fast and get to be fluent. This is a legitimate question, as nobody wants to spend years learning French. But how can we get there? What are the effective strategies to learn French fast?

In this post, I'll share with you 15 great tips that will certainly boost your French and help you learn French fast and become fluent.

15 Great tips for learning French fast

1. Have a clear objective

You need to know at what point you are and where you want to go. That means you need to define what your global learning objective is. Then, you should decline it into small objectives.

If my global objective is to speak fluently French within 3 months, I can decline it into monthly objectives, weekly and daily objectives.

For example, my weekly objective could be : learning at least 50 new words, getting at least 2 interactions with French speakers, watching at least 2 series or movies, practicing daily on the conjugation of common verbs, and so on.

That way, you'll be able to make a follow up and to assess your achievements.

2. Love French language as much as you can

It's obvious that when you don't like a language, learning it would be boring and even annoying. But when you find a way to love it, you will be surprised about what you can do. It gives you wings, and you are willing to learn more and practice it. This makes your language acquisition easier.

3. Make it a routine to write in French

Get yourself a personal diary and write inside all the things that happens in your day. This will give you the habit of writing in French and it will be a guaranteed daily practice for you, and a continuous exposure to French language.

4. Use a notebook

Find yourself a notebook where you’ll write down all your new words. You can even classify them per category. A lot of electronic devices have notebooks, but I won’t recommend using them. Use a traditional notebook and write with a pen. As it has been proven, you can increase your abilities to memorize through writing.

5. Visualize objects

Personally, I am a visual learner. I remember easily when I can visualize words. My best advice would be to try to find something visual to relate to every new word you encounter. This will make things easier to memorize.

6. Use flashcards for vocabulary learning

Nowadays there are numerous websites and apps that allow you to create your own flashcards and practice with them like Quizlet for example. There are also apps like Memrise, already containing flashcards, with which you can practice.

7. Look for a French buddy, partner or teacher

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The best way to learn French fast is to practice with a native speaker. You can find free online websites/apps that connect people who are looking for language exchanges like Hello Talk, Speaky Conversation exchange or you can find yourself a French teacher for conversational lessons. Websites like Italki, Lingoda or Preply help you find a teacher online.

8. Join a dynamic Facebook group or Instagram influencer

A lot of Facebook groups allow thousands of people who share a common language passion, to interact and practice daily. The same goes for Instagram with tons of French influencers willing to teach you French daily. Find dynamic ones so you’ll be able to practice and reply to their posts. This will be a natural way of practicing your French and you can discover a lot of new things by the time.

9. Immediately reuse any new word

Every time you discover a new word, don’t just stop there. Make a sentence and try to immediately use this word. You'll notice that you create a connection with it and it becomes easier to memorize. I always ask my students to produce their own sentences once they learn a new word and that learning strategy seems to work for them and It won't cost you anything to try it.

10. Travel in a Francophone country

If possible, make a trip to a francophone country : by getting to speak daily with natives, you’ll learn colloquial expressions, get used to the accents and have a good exposure to their culture. If you are not able to travel physically, you can travel virtually by watching French TV programs, series or listening to podcasts in French.

11. Change all your devices languages to French

Change all your devices languages to French. I know it can be difficult at the beginning to get used to it but you’ll quickly notice that you are naturally becoming familiar with the vocabulary and the language.

12. Don't be scared of making mistakes

Mistakes are welcome as I like saying : by this, I mean not to be afraid of making mistakes. This is one of the reasons why a lot of French learners are still struggling with their fluency. They are scared of making mistakes, and about what people will say. Don’t bother asking yourself all these questions. Any human being makes mistakes and it’s a normal process. Let's take the example of a baby while trying to walk. He will fall, sometimes get hurt and cry but he will always learn from his mistakes. Consider mistakes as an opportunity to learn, to improve your fluency in French.

13. Avoid translating from English to French

Doing this will slow down the way you speak as you would want to find each word and place it in the appropriate place. But that’s a mistake. In French, things don’t necessarily work the same way as in English or any other language. "A beautiful dress" would be translated in French as "une belle robe" for example. You can see that the adjectives are not at the same place. So, don't think over and over : If you want to say something, just SAY IT ! Always remember that mistakes are welcome.

14. Stay positive

Let me share one of my favorite quote : "Your attitude will determine your altitude". If millions of people can learn French, why not you? Always tell yourself that if others can do it, YOU CAN ALSO DO IT. And believe it !

As we like to say in French, " Ce n’est pas sorcier" => It's not a rocket science.

French is not difficult and it is not easy as well and I know you might be tempted to give up at some point or get discouraged. That’s why you You need some self motivation to boost your envy to learn French.

15. Practice and practice

It is never too much to practice. Practice is the key strategy to success. Give yourself time and if possible practice at the same time everyday to create a learning routine. Remember that you don’t need to do a lot at once. You can practice even if it’s 15 minutes per day. Wether it’s a new rule, a reading , new words that you learn, it’s still good to practice. Like in any other domain, Consistency is the rule.

To conclude, it's clear that there are different ways to learn French fast, but you will need a clear strategy if you want to achieve this goal. You should start by defining clear objectives and then apply the 14 other tips shared with you today and you will see a great improvement in your language fluency.

Try these great tips and when it works, remember to come back and make a comment. I'll really appreciate. If you have any other tips to learn French faster, feel free to share it with us. I would love to hear about it.


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