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*Printable Montessori Flashcards for learning French Fruit vocabulary. Enjoy learning with your kids through games and get them to easily learn and remember the French words related to Fruits.

*Composed of 24 fruit cards in French. Comes with 24 image cards, and 24 labels that can be cut and stick to the image card.

*Digital download only. No Flashcards will be sent out by courier.

*What you will get

- a PDF file of 24 French fruits flashcards

- a PDF file of 24 French fruits image cards + labels

* How to use these Flashcards?

Download, print the flashcards, and cut them into individual cards. For long-lasting, it's better to laminate before cutting.

After learning the names of the fruits in French, you can use the image cards and ask your kids or students to match each fruit with its label. Do it by a group of 6 or 8 flashcards, progressively, until your child masters them all.

*Who is it for?

Well, these cards are ideal for

- parents who have their kids home-schooled

- teachers who need fun ways to make their students learn

- even teenagers or adults who are visual learners

FRENCH FRUIT Vocabulary Flash CARDS * Montessori Cards * Pdf Printable

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