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Fruits and Vegetables

List of common fruits and vegetables in French

Learning how to say fruits and vegetables in French will help you in talking about food, how to make a recipe, your favorite food, at the supermarket, and all related topics.

In this lesson, you will learn how to name common fruits and vegetables in French, with their translation in English, pictures to help you visualize, and a pronunciation guide.

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Common Fruits vocabulary in french with picture and audio

Here is a list of some common French fruits, useful when you are going to the supermarket or grocery buying. The letter (f) means it is a feminine word and the (m) means it is masculine.

The French word for fruit is fruit, and fruits in the plural form.

Les fruits(m)    Fruits

L'ananas (m)   Pineapple

L'abricot  (m)   Apricot

La banane         Banana

La cerise            Cherry

Le citron            Lemon

Le citron vert    Lime

La fraise             Strawberry

La goyave          Guava

La framboise    Raspberry

La grenade       Pomegranate

Le kiwi                Kiwi

La mangue       Mango

Le melon           Melon

La mûre             Blackberry

La myrtille         Blueberry

L'orange (f)       Orange

La papaye         Papaya

La pastèque     Watermelon

La pêche           Peach

La pomme        Apple

La poire              Pear

La prune            Plum

Le raisin             Grape

French Fruit Vocabulary Les fruits.jpg

Common French Vegetable list with picture and audio


The French word for vegetable is légume. It is a masculine word, so you should say un légume. 


Les légumes      Vegetables

L'ail (m)                Garlic

L'artichaut (m)  Artichoke

L'aubergine (f)  Eggplant

​La betterave      Beetroot

Le brocoli           Broccoli             

la carotte            Carrot

Le chou               Cabbage

Le chou-fleur     Cauliflower

Le concombre   Cucumber

La courgette      Zucchini

les épinards       Spinach

Le maïs                Corn

L'oignon (m)      Onion

Le haricot vert   French beans

Les petits pois   Green peas

Le piment            Chili

Le poivron           Bell peper

Le radis                Radish

La tomate           Tomato

French vegetable vocabulary les legumes.
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