Family members in French : les membres de la famille

Words to know about the family

In this lesson, You'll be learning the basic  vocabulary of the family in French. In a regular family, we can have the following members.

  • le père : father

  • la mère ; mother

  • les parents : parents/relatives

  • le frère : brother

  • la soeur : sister

  • le bébé : baby

  • les enfants : children

  • le grand-père : grandfather

  • la grand-mère grandmother

  • les grands-parents : grand parents

  • l'oncle : uncle

  • la tante : aunt

  • le cousin : cousin (male)

  • la cousine (female)

  • la nièce : niece

  • le neveu : nephew

  • le fils : son

  • la fille : daughter

  • le petit-fils : grandson

  • la petite-fille : grand daughter

  • les petits-enfants

  • l'arrière-grand-mère

  • l'arrière-grand-père

  • les arrières-grands-parents

This list is not exhaustive. We will see soon the inlaws and step family in another section.

How to use this vocabulary


  • You can use this vocabulary with the verbe Être if you want to talk about the personality, feelings, health,... of one of your family member.

      Example :

      Mon père est malade. (My father is             sick)

      La soeur de Martin est gentille.                   (Martin's sister is kind)                        

  • You can use the verb avoir to say how many relatives you have.

     Example : J'ai un frère et deux soeurs       (I have one brother and two sisters).

  • You can also use it with " Il y a" to tell the number of people that are in your family.

      Example : Il y a trois personnes dans          ma famille. (In my family, there are            three people).

Family members in French La famille.jpg

Hierarchy in the family


When talking about hierarchy in the family members, we can use the vocabulary below 

  • un aîné/une aînée : first born son/daughter of the family. It can also mean any elder brother/sister or the eldest brother/sister.

     Example :

     Katy est ma fille aînée. (Katy is my eldest daughter).

     Alice était ma soeur aînée. (Alice was my eldest sister).

  • un cadet/une cadette : the younger brother/sister or the second-born son/daughter of a family

  • le benjamin/la benjamine : the youngest child

  • les aïeuls/ aïeules : refer to the grandparents. We talk about aïeuls maternels/parternels.

  • les aïeux :  ancestors.


Verb avoir

Verb être