Family members in French : les membres de la famille

Words to know about the family

In this lesson, You'll be learning the basic  vocabulary of the family in French. In a regular family, we can have the following members.

  • le père : father

  • la mère ; mother

  • les parents : parents/relatives

  • le frère : brother

  • la soeur : sister

  • le bébé : baby

  • les enfants : children

  • le grand-père : grandfather

  • la grand-mère grandmother

  • les grands-parents : grand parents

  • l'oncle : uncle

  • la tante : aunt

  • le cousin : cousin (male)

  • la cousine (female)

  • la nièce : niece

  • le neveu : nephew

  • le fils : son

  • la fille : daughter

  • le petit-fils : grandson

  • la petite-fille : grand daughter

  • les petits-enfants

  • l'arrière-grand-mère

  • l'arrière-grand-père

  • les arrières-grands-parents

This list is not exhaustive. We will see soon the inlaws and step family in another section.

How to use this vocabulary


  • You can use this vocabulary with the verbe Être if you want to talk about the personality, feelings, health,... of one of your family member.

      Example :

      Mon père est malade. (My father is             sick)

      La soeur de Martin est gentille.                   (Martin's sister is kind)                        

  • You can use the verb avoir to say how many relatives you have.

     Example : J'ai un frère et deux soeurs       (I have one brother and two sisters).

  • You can also use it with " Il y a" to tell the number of people that are in your family.

      Example : Il y a trois personnes dans          ma famille. (In my family, there are            three people).

Hierarchy in the family


When talking about hierarchy in the family members, we can use the vocabulary below 

  • un aîné/une aînée : first born son/daughter of the family. It can also mean any elder brother/sister or the eldest brother/sister.

     Example :

     Katy est ma fille aînée. (Katy is my eldest daughter).

     Alice était ma soeur aînée. (Alice was my eldest sister).

  • un cadet/une cadette : the younger brother/sister or the second-born son/daughter of a family

  • le benjamin/la benjamine : the youngest child

  • les aïeuls/ aïeules : refer to the grandparents. We talk about aïeuls maternels/parternels.

  • les aïeux :  ancestors.


Verb avoir

Verb être

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