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French vocabulary list about animals: les animaux

Learning animals names in French language is a great asset in terms of vocabulary. Whether you want to talk about your favorite animal, the pets you own or even develop your understanding of documentaries related to the wild world, this will come in handy.

In this lesson, I will share with you a useful vocabulary list of animals in French with their English translation, all names classified depending on the category they belong to.

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1. Les animaux de compagnie / animaux domestiques:  pets

The French word for a pet is un animal de compagnie or un animal domestique.. In the plural, it becomes des animaux de compagnie ou domestiques.

Here is a list of common pets that you can find in people's house. 

  • Le chien => dog

  • Le chat => cat

  • La souris =>mouse

  • Le hamster =>hamster

  • La tortue => tortue

  • Le Lapin => rabbit

  • Le perroquet => parrot

  • Le poisson rouge => goldfish

2. Les animaux de la ferme:  farm animals


These are the names  of animals that you can find in a regular French farm.

  • La poule =>hen

  • Le coq => rooster

  • Le mouton => sheep

  • La chèvre => goat

  • La vache => cow

  • Le canard => duck

  • Le cochon => pig

  • La dinde => turkey

  • Le cheval => horse

  • L’âne => donkey

3. Les animaux sauvages: wild animals

Wild animals can be found in the forest, in nature, zoos, or observed in safaris.

Below is a list of the animals categorized as wild animals.

  • L'oiseau => bird

  • Le hibou => owl

  • Le lion => lion

  • Le tigre => Tiger

  • L éléphant => éléphant

  • La girafe => giraffe

  • Le léopard => leopard

  • Le guépard => cheetah

  • L'hippopotame => hippopotamus

  • Le rhinocéros => rhinoceros

  • Le chameau => Camel

  • l'ours => bear

  • La hyène => hyena

  • Le lièvre => hare

  • le singe => monkey

  • Le gorille => gorilla

  • Le chimpanzé => chimpanzee

  • Le zèbre => zébra

  • L'antilope => antelope

  • Le cerf => deer

  • L'écureuil => squirrel

  • Le loup => wolf

  • Le renard => fox

Wild animals French-min.jpg

4. Sea animals : les animaux marins

The equivalent English to French translation of sea animals is les animaux marins or les animaux aquatiques for water animals.

  • Le poisson => fish

  • La baleine => whale

  • Le requin => shark

  • Le dauphin => daulphin

  • La crevette => shrimp

  • Le homard => lobster

  • Le crabe => crab

  • L étoile de mer => Starfish

  • La méduse => Jellyfish

  • L'anguille(f) => eel 

  • l'hippocampe => sea horse

  • la pieuvre => octopus

  • le calamar => squid

  • le phoque => seal

5. Reptiles : les reptiles 

  • Le serpent => snake

  • Le lézard => lizard

  • Le crapaud => toad

  • La grenouille => frog

  • La tortue => turtle

  • Le crocodile => crocodile

  • Le caméléon => chameleon

6. Les insectes: insects

  • L'araignée => spider

  • La mouche => fly

  • La fourmi => ant

  • Le criquet => cricket, locust

  • La mante religieuse => praying mantis

  • L’abeille => bee

  • La guêpe => wasp

  • Le papillon => butterfly

  • Le moustique => mosquito

  • Le cafard => cockroach

  • La coccinelle => ladybug

7. Quiz to practice your French animal vocabulary

Here is a practice exercise for you to check your knowledge about animals in French  language. Take the quiz below  and happy learning !

For more exercises, check out this language learning directory My language learning hub

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