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Aicha - This song of Khaled will teach you some French !

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Aicha   of Cheb Khaled is one of my favourite song, and it never gets outdated. It remembers me of my chilhood. It's a beautiful song that will teach you a lot of vocabulary about love, and conversations in a couple. It will also help you get familiar to imperative sentences and to the use of simple future.


Below, you'll find the video of Aicha, its Lyrics in French and it's English translation. 

Listen to it, and while readingthe lyrics, try to sing along and repeat as much as possible. Once you remember a little about it, take our quiz at the end.  

Learning French with music is generally fun. So, I hope you'll enjoy  it!

Lyrics in French and the English translation

Comme si je n'existais pas

Elle est passée à côté de moi

Sans un regard, reine de Saba

J'ai dit : Aicha, prends, tout est pour toi


As if I did not exist,

She passed me by,

Without a glance, Queen of Sheba.

I said: " Aicha, take: all is for you.")



Voici les perles, les bijoux

Aussi, l'or autour de ton cou

Les fruits bien mûrs au goût de miel

Ma vie, Aïcha, si tu m'aimes



Here are the pearls, the jewels,

And the gold around your neck

Ripe fruits, with the taste of honey

And my life, Aïcha if you love me!

J'irai où ton souffle nous mène

Dans les pays d'ivoire et d'ébène

J'effacerai tes larmes, tes peines

Rien n'est trop beau pour une si belle, ooh


I will go where your breath leads us,

In the countries of ivory and ebony

I will erase your tears, your sorrows

Nothing is too beautiful for a girl so beautiful


Aicha, Aicha, écoute-moi

Aicha, Aicha, t'en vas pas

Aicha, Aicha, regarde-moi, oh-oh

Aicha, Aicha, réponds-moi


Aicha, Aicha, listen to me

Aicha, Aicha, don't leave

Aicha, Aicha, look at me, oh-oh

Aicha, Aicha, answer me

Je dirai les mots, les poèmes

Je jouerai les musiques du ciel

Je prendrai les rayons du soleil

Pour éclairer tes yeux de reine, ooh


I will say the words, the poems

I will play the music of the sky

I will take the rays of the sun

to light up your dreamy eyes, ooh


Aicha, Aicha, écoute-moi

Aicha, Aicha, t'en vas pas


Elle a dit "garde tes trésors

Moi, je vaux mieux que tout ça

Des barreaux sont des barreaux, même en or

Je veux les mêmes droits que toi

Et du respect pour chaque jour

Moi, je ne veux que de l'amour" Aah!


She said: "Keep your treasures,

Me, I'm worth more than all that.

Bars are still bars even if made of gold.

I want the same rights as you

and respect for every day,

Me I want only love.", Aah !


(Arabic Verse)


Quiz to Practice your vocabulary

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