How to simply say get well soon in French?

Updated: Jun 10

We always have a friend, relative or acquaintance sick and it would be great to show them our sympathy by wishing them a speedy recovery or sending them a get well soon card or message.

So, how do we say get well soon in French?

In this article, you will learn all the ways to say it, like take care, get better, rest well,... You will also discover the words for encouraging a sick person, and how to check on him/her. Let’s dive in !

Different ways of saying get well soon in French

1. The French translation of Get well soon

Get well is translated in French as bon rétablissement. This is the most common used expression.

The basic French word for soon is bientôt. But when we want to say get well soon, we don't use "bon rétablissement bientôt"⛔.

We have several ways of saying prompt recovery in French and it's important to take into consideration the type of relationship you have with the person feeling unwell. Tu would be used for informal and vous for formal situations.

Below are the expressions to wish get better soon.

  • rétablis-toi vite /rétablissez-vous vite : in this context we use the reflexive verb se rétablir which means to recover.

  • prompt rétablissement. Used alone, you don't need to bother for tu or vous. But when you use the verb souhaiter (to wish), then you should care for it. We would then say : Je te souhaite un prompt rétablissement /Je vous souhaite un prompt rétablissement.

  • Guéris vite/Guérissez vite.

2. How to say take care in French?

Another way to show our kindness or that we are caring, is telling the sick person to take care of himself/herself. For that, we use the expression Prends soin de toi or Prenez soin de vous.

Prends bien soin de toi or prenez bien soin de vous is a variant which means take good care of yourself. You can also say Soigne-toi bien or Soignez-vous bien which can be literally translated as heal yourself well.

3.Words for checking on a sick person

Few days after you wished get well soon to your friends, colleagues or relatives, you might want to check on them. In French it is called prendre des nouvelles de quelqu'un.

Here are some expressions to handle it the French way :

  • Je voulais prendre de tes nouvelles /de vos nouvelles => I wanted to check on you

  • Comment te sens-tu aujourd'hui? / Comment vous sentez-vous aujourd'hui? => How do you feel today?

  • Tu vas mieux? / Vous allez mieux?=> Are you feeling better?

  • Tu te sens en meilleure forme?/Vous vous sentez en pleine forme? => Are you feeling better?

Notice that we use a lot the verbs aller (to go) and se sentir (to feel) in this context.

4. Expressions to encourage a sick person

Sick people sometimes need our encouragement. It helps them recover fast. This is how you could give a little bit of hope and motivation to them, so that they are able to face their sickness or vaincre la maladie as we say in French.

  • Du courage, tu iras mieux d'ici peu => Hold on tight, you will get well soon

  • Sois fort (e), tu seras bientôt sur pied => Be strong, you will be up on your feet soon

  • Nous espérons que tu te remettras bientôt/ Nous espérons que tu seras bientôt sur pied => We hope that you will be up on your feet soon

  • Repose-toi bien => Rest well.

Depending on your relationship, you can turn these expressions to a formal situation by using vous.


Wishing get well soon to your close friends or relatives is a way to show that you are caring for them. It's then important for you to know the related vocabulary.

Now that you've learned how to say get well soon, check on someone and that you know the words and expressions for encouraging a sick person, seize all opportunities to show kindness to people surrounding you, especially in this context of Covid-19. Hope we'll all be safe soon.

That's all I had for you today. If you know other expressions for get well soon, I will be pleased to know about it.

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