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French clothing words - Les vêtements

Updated: Mar 29

Les vêtements or les habits are the French equivalent words for clothes. In slang vocabulary, the word les fringues is mostly used. Learning all things about clothing in French language can be very handy as it might help you in different situations. For instance, in shopping for your favorite fashion clothes, complimenting someone's outfit, describing a suspect's clothes during a police investigation, or even talking about your favorite ways of dressing.

In this lesson, I will be sharing a vocabulary list of common clothes in the French language. Unisex clothes like le pantalon, le short or la veste can be worn by women as well as men.

clothing words in French

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Everyday clothes terms with pictures

Underwear terms in French

Clothing accessories in French (Les accessoires)

Seasonal Clothing words

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Everyday clothes terms with pictures

Below is a list of casual clothes for everyday wear, and useful garments for taking to the bathroom or to bed.

  • une chemise : a shirt

  • un pantalon : pants

  • un tee-shirt : a T-shirt

  • un jean : jeans

  • un haut : a top

  • un chemisier : a blouse

  • un costume: a suit

  • une veste : a jacket

  • un short : a short

  • une tunique : a tunic

  • une robe : a dress

  • une jupe : a skirt

  • un pyjama : a pajama

  • une robe de nuit : a nightgown

  • une serviette : a towel

  • un peignoir : a robe, a bathrobe

Les vetements clothes in French

Underwear terms in French

I guess that the word most known by foreigners for underwear in French is la lingerie. However, underwear is generally called in French "les sous-vêtements". Another term commonly used is "les dessous". Here are a few underwear words with their translation in English.

  • Un slip, une culotte : panties (US), knickers(UK)

  • un string: a thong

  • un caleçon : underpants

  • un soutien gorge: a bra

  • un débardeur: a tank top (US), a vest top (UK)

  • un bustier : a bustier, a tube top

  • des collants (m) : tights

Clothing accessories in French (les accessoires)

Clothes are best matched with accessories like earrings, necklaces, … Here is a vocabulary list for les accessoires de vêtements en français. The gender of the noun is indicated with the letter (f) which stands for feminine and (m) for masculine.

  • des boucles d'oreille (f): earrings

  • une bague: a ring

  • un collier: necklace

  • une écharpe: a scarf (for the neck)

  • un porte-monnaie: a purse

  • un porte-feuille: a wallet

  • des gants (m): gloves

  • une ceinture: a belt

  • un sac à main: a handbag

  • une montre : a watch

  • un chapeau : a hat

  • une veste: a jacket

  • des chaussures (f): shoes

  • des chaussettes (f ): socks

  • un foulard: a scarf (for the head)

  • des lunettes: glasses, spectacles

  • des socquettes (f): ankle socks

Seasonal Clothing words

Seasonal clothes are the outfits you would wear during the different seasons of the year: summer, winter clothes, or those rainy weather. Here are the names of common seasonal clothing.