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Get a discount to learn French online

Language learning discounts and deals : French and more 

Looking to learn French or another language without breaking your bank? Then check out this resource as it might be very helpful. You will find promo codes, discounts or coupons from some of our trusted partners, during special events like Valentine's day, Christmas, Black Friday and more.

For full transparency, note that these offers are from affiliate partners. That means that if ever you come to make a purchase, I will earn a little commission at no extra cost for you and that helps in running this website for free.


So, if you want to save some money while taking your next French lesson or course, then enjoy! 

For free lessons online you can visit our Vocabulary, Grammar, Common Verbs or Blog sections.

Save money with Lingoda's deals

Lingoda logo.png

Enjoy 30% off the first month of your monthly online courses by using the link below. From December 27th until January 31st, 2023.

TRy lingoda for free

Get up to 100% cashback by taking the Lingoda Sprint challenge.

All you need is to attend the classes. Limited places!

For more details, you can read our Lingoda review


Rocket language promo code for French or any other language offered 

Rocket Languages Logo.jpg

60% off all online courses until sold out !

Limited time offer!!!

  • From 12:01 am Tuesday, December 20th(PST)

  • To Midnight Friday,  December 23rd (PST)


CHRISTMAS SALE - End of year 2022

Use any of Mondly's discounts to learn French or another language


Get an evergreen discount whenever your are ready to learn French and have a lifetime access to all languages on Mondly + Mondly kids + Mondly AR

20% off Mondly premium, 1 month 1 language

20% off Mondly premium, 1year, 1 language

Discounts to learn French or other languages with Busuu

Get a 10% discount to learn French and 11 more languages.

Until March 31st, 2023

Save money on your first class on Preply with 30% discount

logo preply.png

Take classes with native teachers and Enjoy a 30% discount on your first lesson. Valid for all languages.

Get 20% off on all website to learn French and more languages


Get a 20% off sitewide to learn French, about 159 more languages and dialects and other subjects of your interest with the code CUDOO20.

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