French vocabulary for house

French vocabulary related to house: la  maison

In this lesson, you are going to learn French house vocabulary, all the essential words you need to know about the parts of the house.

Genereral things to know about the house in French

The general French word for the house is la maison. The rooms of the house are called :

  • une chambre when referring to a bedroom 

  • une pièce when referring to any room of the house. 

But if you live in an apartment, you should say un appartement in French.

You should also know that what is the first floor in France is not the same in the US. In France there is a ground floor or rez-de-chaussée. If you have seen Emily in Paris on Netflix you should already know about this difference. If not, read my post on Emily in Paris TV series where I explain the difference between floor levels in France and the US.

When talking about your home, you generally say ma maison or chez moi which can be translated as My house or my home in English. 

Example :

  • Je suis chez moi. => I am at home.

  • Ma maison est très spacieuse => My house is very spacious.

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Parts of the house in French : room names and more items

A house has different parts called chambre or pièce as seen previously. Here is a list of the common room names in French and other items. You also have the infographic that you can pin for later.

  • la chambre : bebroom

  • le salon : living room

  • Ia salle à manger : dining room

  • la cuisine : kitchen

  • la terasse : terrasse

  • le bureau : office, study room

  • le couloir : corridor

  • la salle de bain : bathroom

  • les toilettes : toilets

  • Le garage : car park

  • La cour : yard

  • Le jardin : garden

  • Le grenier : attic

  • Le toit : roof

  • Le balcon : balcony

  • l'étage : floor

  • l'escalier : stairs

  • l'ascenseur : lift

  • la porte : door

  • la fenêtre : window

  • la cheminée : chimney

French vocabulary of the house La maison

How to use the French house terms


You can use the following vocabulary with the verb Être if you want to say where you are or talk about your house.


      Je suis dans la chambre. => I am in the bedroom.

      Ma chambre est grande. => My bedroom is big.


You can also use it with " Il y a" (verb avoir) which means there is/there are,  to describe your house. 


Dans ma maison il y a deux chambres et un salon. => In my house there are two bedrooms and a living room.