The house la maison

Words to know about the house


In this lesson, we are seing the vocabulary of the house. The words to know are described in the infographic but you need to know also the following words :

  • Une chambre is the equivalent for room 

  • une pièce is a part of the house.

Exemple : Cet appartement comporte 4 chambres. (this appartment contains 4 bedrooms.

How to use this vocabulary


  • You can use the following vocabulary with the verbe Etre if you want to say where you are or talk about your house.

      Example :

      Je suis dans la chambre. (I am in the          bedroom)

      Ma chambre est grande. (My                        bedroom is big)

  • You can also use it with " Il y a" to describe your house. 

      Example : Dans ma maison il y a deux        chambres et un salon. (In my house          there are two bedrooms and a living room)

French vocabulary of the house La maison