The French demonstrative adjectives : ce, cette, ces

This, these, that, those, how do you translate these demonstrative adjectives  in French? 

French demonstrative adjectives.jpg

1. What is a demonstrative adjective?

Like in English, a demonstrative adjective in French is a word used to point at someone or something : this, that, these, those. It is a determiner which is  placed before the noun and can replace articles. It agrees in gender and number with the noun.

2. How do you say this and that in French?

There are 3 words that mean this or that : ce, cet, cette. Their use depend on the gender of the noun

  • If the noun is masculine, then you should use ce. Example : ce garcon => this boy; ce vélo => this bicycle.

  • If the noun is masculine but starts with a vowel or silent H, then you should use Cet. Example : Cet enfant => this child;  cet homme => this man.

  • If the noun is feminine, then you should use cette. Example : Cette fille => this girl, Cette école => this school.

Remark : for feminine nouns wether the noun starts with a vowel or not, you should use Cette.

3. What are the French words for these and those?

The translation for these and those in French is ces no matter the gender of the noun. Example: ces fleurs (f) => these flowers, ces enfants (m) => these kids.


Depending on the position of the object (close or far), we can add the suffixes ci or là to give more precision.

Example : Ce livre-ci => this  book , ce livre-là  =that book.

Practice the demonstrative adjectives with exercises

Practice with online exercises to make sure you are able to use perfectly the demonstrative adjectives  in French. Here is my selection of great exercises you could do.

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