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Live online French classes  with native teachers

Deciding to learn French is a great decision and I am proud of you that you have started studying. 

Learning from a free website is a great alternative for those who are self-taught learners. However, we do strongly recommend that you combine it with real-life classes.

Online French group classes or 1 to 1 lessons

We know how important it is to find effective online classes that match your learning goals. Since we do not offer live online classes, our best recommendation is Lingoda, an online language school that offers well structured classes with certified native teachers . The chances for you to become fluent in French with Lingoda are very high, as they have a very immersive way of learning. You can also learn other languages like German, Spanish and English. They even have business English lessons for professionals who might be interested.

The classes are focused on communication and are structured according to the Common European Framework  of Reference (CEFR) for languages. Study materials are all provided by Lingoda. You can take your class any time and everywhere in the world 24/7 from the comfort of your home, in small groups not exceeding 5 persons or privately. Classes start at 50 euros per month for 4 classes a month and are held on zoom. Lessons are available from total beginners (A1) to advanced learners (C1).

Lingoda also has a 7 days free trial that allows you to try for free 3 group classes or 1 private lesson. I rarely see people that I have recommended giving up after the trial period. Trust me, the Lingoda's method is very  effective. It works! I have tried it myself with Spanish language. You can check out the Lingoda review if you still have any additional questions.

Lingoda is currently offering a 30% discount on the  first month of your  monthly plan from until December 27th,  until January 2023. To benefit from it, use our link with the code WIN2023. 


Lingoda often organizes the Lingoda Sprint challenge which is an intensive learning  program. You commit to take 1 lesson a day or every two days  during 2 months and if you attend all the classes you can get 50% cash back or 100 % cash back of the amount paid depending on the option you subscribed for. Sprints registration lists are quickly full. So you  you need to register ahead of time to secure your spot. The current Lingoda's sprint registration  ends at the end of the month of June. I will update you when there is the next opening.

I am only recommending Lingoda language school because it is one of the best online French courses. I know well how effective their virtual lessons are, and I trust them enough to recommend them.  Of course, if ever you join their lessons, I will earn a little commission but at no extra cost for you.

They often do some promotions and you can even  have a discount at that moment by using my code. I always post about it here.


1 to 1 French conversational lessons


My second favorite learning platform is Italki for 1 to 1 private language lessons. This online language platform is perfect for conversational lessons with native tutors. Classes are very affordable and can be as low as 6 or 7 $ per hour. You can take anytime an individual lesson with the teacher of your choice. You can learn  more than 150 languages.

For more, check out the Italki review.



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