Days of the week in French : les jours de la semaine

How to say the days of the week in French?

Le jour is the French word for the day. 

La semaine is the equivalent of the week.


The days of the week are :

  • lundi : Monday

  • mardi : Tuesday

  • mercredi : wednesday

  • jeudi : thrusday

  • vendredi : friday

  • samedi : Saturday

  • dimanche : Sunday.

In French language, days of the week are all masculine. Unlike in English, they are not written with a capital letter.​

It's important to note that in general they are not used with articles when they indicate a date.

Example :

  • aujourd'hui nous sommes lundi. => Today is monday.

But when they express something frequent or  usual, we add the article.

  • Le samedi (chaque samedi), je vais au parc avec mes enfants. => On Saturdays, i go to the park with my children.

Days of the week in French jours de la s

How to use the days of the week?


If you want to ask which day of the week it is, you just say :

  • On est quel jour aujourd'hui ? (informal)

  • Quel jour sommes-nous aujourd'hui? (formal)

The answer will be :

  • Nous sommes mardi

  • On est mardi

  • C'est mardi.

Moments in a day


As in English,  days can be divided into several parts :

  • le matin : morning

  • midi : noon

  • l'après-midi : afternoon

  • le soir : evening

  • la nuit : night

  • minuit : midnight

  • le week-end : week-end.

  • la matinée : morning time

  • la journée : daytime

  • la soirée : night time


  • Le matin, je me douche et je m'habille => in the morning I shower and dress up

  • À midi je déjeune avec mes collègues => At noon I have lunch with my colleagues

  • le soir je rentre à la maison. => In the evening I return home.

Days before today and after

Today is aujourd'hui in French. Let's start with the days before today.

  • hier : yesterday

  • avant-hier : the day before yesterday

  • dernier /dernière : last (lundi dernier = last Monday)

Let's see now the days after

  • demain : tomorrow

  • après-demain : the day after tomorrow

  • prochain (e) : next (mardi prochain = next tuesday)